Saturday, May 17, 2014

Be A Brother

LES FRERES, 'In My Arms' b'w 'Among The Stars' (Casey, 1976)

Hey, remember when I had this blog?  I don't.

Private mystery label contemplation courtesy of LES FRERES - purchased off the internet for mere pennies and interpreted by my French language scholar buddy for free (turns out, their name translates to 'THE BROTHERS' - who would have ever guessed?).

Budget, lo-fi, basement pop-rock moves with extremely amateurish vocals, likely gazing at the gatefold photos inside 'LET IT BE,' but never quite climbing out of the genre gutter.  UNTIL...until that drum-machine kicks in and boy howdy - from then on, I am all in with LES FRERES!  Even that tiny guitar solo is money!

This includes when, on the single's flip, the brothers go full-on 'Anchor Man' with jazz flute swoops and minimal lyrics.  In a better world, this would have been a bicentennial end-of-party panty-dropper.  Alas.

As it is, I don't got any information on these dudes, but suspect that they might be Canadian, however, the seller I picked it off of was based in Georgia so it's anyone's guess really.

I'm not gonna say I'm back because I never really left.

I hate my life, but I like my blog.  And I hope you like LES FRERES!




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